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8 x 2 min episodes

Preschool - Bridging


Four super cute Pencil Pals (pencil topper characters) learn about writing and story conventions through the lens of stories written by a young girl.

Four super cute pencil topper friends - an Alien, a Bee, a Cockatoo and a Dinosaur read stories written by a young girl and learn foundational skills in creative writing and literacy.

Each adventure begins when a young girl walks in and sits down at a writing desk in a beautiful writing studio full of hundreds of books. As the Pencil Pals chatter excitedly the girl leans forwards and selects one from the cup. She makes her choice and begins to write. Each time she writes it’s a new story, complete with a new literacy lesson.

It could be a story about two competitive princesses with a lesson about superlatives. Or a story about a pirate trying to sell his ship with a lesson about homophones. Or the tale of a friendly stray dog with a lesson about past and present tense.

As the girl writes the story is read aloud by one of the Pencil Pals (animated in claymation), and comes to life as 2D animations on the page of her notebook. The Pencil Pals explore and discuss the topic to help communicate it simply and clearly. Stage One Learners will love this fun filled interstitial series due to its super cute characters and the way in which it playfully brings lessons on literacy and storytelling to life.

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Thank you to our team!






Script Producer

Ep 1: Superlatives

Ep 2: Verbs

Ep 3: Telling a Good Story

Ep 4: Word Families

Ep 5: Homophones

Ep 6: Descriptive Writing

Ep 7: Their, There, They're

Ep 8: Personal and Collective

Storyboards & Animatics

2D Illustrator

Stop-Motion Animator

2D Animator


Cinematographer & Editor

Editor & Colourist


Voice Recordist & Sound Mixer

Hand & Foot Model

Pip Nixon

Abigael Bekele

Flynn Tinkler

Audrey Tinkler


Alyssa Smedley

Bryony McLachlan

Dan Nixon

Dan Nixon

Bonnie McRae

Gabriel Bergmoser

Damian Robb

Katherine Chloe Atkins

Eli Landes

Timothy Foley

Dan Nixon

Alyssa Smedley

Peter McDonald

Alyssa Smedley

Elena Dunwoodie

Alyssa Smedley

Jemma Cotter

David Goldsmith

Jono Callow

Jono Callow

Alyssa Smedley



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