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Our Work

We specialise in content that is fresh, fun and full of heart. Whether it’s our own original IP, development materials or production services, our ethos for bold stories leads the way.

Production Services


We are passionate about producing distinct content for kids, young people and families. Working with partners in Australia and internationally we strive to delight and surprise audiences around the world.

8 x 2min series


for ABC Education/ABC Me


Pencil Pals follows the adventures of Alien, Bee, Cockatoo and Dinosaur, four pencil topper friends who learn about language, literacy and storytelling through stories they read, write and share together.

Funded by ABC as part of Fresh Start.

All episodes can be watched via ABC iview.

Download the education pack here

Tilly and Gus

Our Friend Bloom


for Sesame Studios


In collaboration with the Sesame Studios team on scripting, our role encompassed all stages of development and production.

Together It's Okay

for R U OK? Day


Our role encompassed all stages of development and production, including writing, composing and recording music.

Production Services

As well as our own IP, we also lend a hand to other companies producing outstanding, family-friendly content all over the world. We can provide expertise in story development, script writing, design, animation, music composition, editing, and live-action production. You can see some of our recent collaborations below. For further information on these works, please contact our production partners as cited.

Teeny Tiny Stevies


Working on tracks from the Teeny Tiny Stevies catalogue, we led animation production from concept through to delivery.

Development Services


We have a highly creative team and a substantial number of projects in various stages of development and production. Here are some of our favourites! For information on any of these properties, or to see our complete folio, drop us a line via email.

Development Services

We enjoy partnering with other production companies and studios around the world to help develop concepts that excite us. We can provide expertise in story development, script writing, design, and in developing a range of materials for pitch.

Totem Red

Story, design, pitch bible.

Citrus Ink Studios

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